Creating New Habits in Times of Chaos

  • Lunch Walks: I go for runs or long walks during my lunch break to create a new habit of exercise. So when 11:55 am hits, my body is in the habit of doing something active.
  • “Commuting”: Every day, no matter the weather, I leave my house in the morning, even if it means I’m returning to my house 10 minutes later. There are many positives to this habit, like getting some fresh air. But the biggest benefit is it triggers my brain to think it’s “commuting” and thus it feels like my day has officially begun. Sounds silly, but it works.
  • Journalling: I’ve never been one to use a notebook. Or, if I do, I typically forget it and move back to an email to do list. But in Covid, I’ve implemented more structure to my note taking and task lists. I’ve implemented the bullet journal process which includes a daily gratitude and joy section inspired by Cheryl Sandberg’s book Option B. The other habit I’ve implemented nightly uses the one sentence journal developed by the Happiness Project. Each page has 4 lines to mark the year (see below). Once you complete your first year, it’s incredible to see what you did the year prior. However simple your day was, the one sentence memory instantly jettisons you back a year.
  • One to Ones: I divided my team’s 1:1s time so we meet twice a week at the beginning and the end of each week. So instead of one 1 hour meeting we do two 30 minute meetings. At one time we did one 15 minute meeting on Monday and another 45 minute meeting some other time during the latter half of the week.
  • Team Meetings: I kick off each week with a team meeting on Monday morning. This was an accidental habit as I already had team meetings on Monday. But I noticed the impact of seeing my entire team first thing Monday morning meant more to me whilst socially distanced. There was some social cue that triggered my brain to delineate that “today is Monday and the work week has begun”
  • Onboarding New Hires: As mentioned above, the informal casual meetings and encounters have been eliminated for the foreseeable future in office culture. This includes how managers interact with new team members. Because of this, I try to meet daily with brand new team members. Even if it’s 15 minutes, it gives some face time and a way to build a relationship with someone you’d previously have engaged with more frequently. The number of meetings reduces after the first month to 3 times per week and then to the 2 weekly meetings thereafter.
our never ending life in Zoom



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Bill(y) Frumberg

Bill(y) Frumberg

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